10min air dyne

3x10 squat

3x10 dislocate with band

2x:30 hanstand hold

Work up to heavy squat clean

3x7 bar facing burpee

10min AMRAP

5x Hang squat clean

7x bar facing burpee


Work up to heavy back squat

5x@ 70, 90, 110, 130, 145, 145kg

Pendlay row

5x6@ 80kg

3x15 bent fly@ 2x20lb DB

3x10 delt raise

3x20 + 30sec hold press @ 2x 20lbs

Alt. EMOM/12

-40x double under +1 rep each minute

--10x burpee +1rep each minute

Notes: Quitting is a particularly interesting phenomena. We are told often to never quit, never give up, to push through. It is at odds with some of the best lessons I have learned by walking away. If I hadn't quit at least on multiple occasions in spectacular fashion I would not be at the point I am. Today was the last day of the Granite games qualifier, I had planned on entering. I warmed up to do just that, something felt off, at first I thought the nerves of competition, but after an hour of really trying to get my motor to rev it just wasn't happening. I said 'fuck it' I'm going anyways. 2 rounds in I walked away. At first I was angry, I hate giving up, disappointed I couldn't pull myself together. I tried again starting the timer, after 2 rounds I quit, this time with a smile on my face. When something isn't right, it isn't right, in life this ability to see the parable is invaluable. The action of giving up mixed with the right personality can be ultimately very good fuel, I've been injured 3 times in 3 weeks, training volume is down and with it motivation as well as ability. Now all I can think about is this mysterious brew of inability and it eats me up. Suddenly the desire is coming back. People quit even when they appear to continue, they slow, they console their loss and their ego by pretending, I see it often during tests especially time trials, where the goal time or distance stretches out of reach and the outcome is a slow fizzle. At a time under certain influence I found this trait better than getting up and walking away. The problem is that quitting is physically apparent and causes change, the other is a lie to yourself and others, any resolution masked.

In Kenya you run at race pace with the champion until you cannot, then you quit, and try again another day. It is not a sign of weakness or resolve. Today I couldn't hold the pace required to buy in, so I'll be back another day. In the USA people have quit all over the place, stuck in their jobs and in their body, yet they are labeled successful, prosperous because they can pay their lease on a new BMW. This idea of perseverance is convoluted, so are those of us that perpetuate it. As long as the goal remains in sight, quitting just might be the answer to reaching it.