Training-Power End.


10min air bike easy

Dynamic floor work


5x@ 135, 185, 

6x@225, 245, 255lbs (missed 1)


Open 13.3

12min AMRAP

150x wall balls

90x double unders

30x muscle ups

261 reps total

I'm on the road, and one thing is clear, that fitness as it is concerned with most people isn't purchased as a "reduction in blood pressure", no one gets inspired by the possibility of improved blood lipids, fasted glucose numbers, or even a shiny new six-pack. What does resonate is the chance at experiencing more, broadening the map to possibility. The idea of training specifically for something works much better if that "thing" is to see more, I'm training to experience more, to see more, to be better at opening my eyes when things get hard.

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