Training- Strength/ Power End.


10min Alt. EMOM

-3x Press @ 60kg

-6x strict pull up

Barbell complex

W2H clean + 5kg EMOM

starting at 60kg to 115kg

1-5x Clean @ 100kg

rest 5min

W2H power clean + 5kg EMOM

starting @ 60kg to 115kg

1-5x power clean @ 100kg



5x Burpee over bar

10x C&J @ 70kg

3x rope climbs


3x10 Lunge @ 70kg

3x20 face pull

Notes: Sometimes I get questions from others concerned on making progress, mostly having to do with losing strength while chasing some other goal. I have a hard time answering them because I still go through the same anxiety, the weight cut that I started 2 months ago has brought me down close to 20lbs now, and with it some top end strength and power. I would say conservatively close to 10%, whether that is temporary has yet to be seen, but the frustration it causes is very real, it's almost debilitating to be honest, especially when the weight cut is for performance. Yes, running and body weight movements have gotten quite a bit easier, but it is hard to weigh the benefit in a sport that is split with the need to move heavy weight.

I'm still dedicated to the decision to lose weight and even losing lean mass in order to move faster, some might look at me like I'm crazy but I miss the ability to run easily for 2 hours without blowing my calves to pieces, or the freedom to get on a bike and climb 10,000ft in a day. The decision to get strong was a good one but it came with a cost, and now the opposite is true, I could have enacted a different protocol when cutting and probably mitigated some of the loss, but that would have probably interfered greatly with my predisposition and possibly hd other side effects.

In the end I know I can reverse the roles pretty quickly, it is fairly easy for me to gain mass and I'm certain the strength comes with it, that being said I now have a certain stubborn interest in maintaining as light a weight possible while creeping strength back in...

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