20min ride

3x10 squat

work up to medium back squat

10x @ 60, 80, 80kg

25x double under every 30sec/5min

Work up to triple heavy bench

3x@ 40, 60, 80, 100, 110, 120, 130kg


5min of

10x ring row

10x muscle snatch+ OHS

10m duck walk

work up to heavy snatch

1x@ 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 95, 102 (miss), 107, 110, 115kg(miss)


For time:

1000m row

3 rounds of

15x OHS @50kg

15 ring dips


Notes: Today I stressed to some training partners the importance of controlling intensity. That you should be able to pick your finish time within a very specific limit based on what you know about your own inefficiencies. It is simple really reps/min of x for this long (y), Adjust for transitions and fatigue. I said a good pace would be between 8-8:30 for a "training" stimulus, I got that from knowing a 3:30/1000m row would leave me fresh and that I could hold 20reps/min of those 2 movements for up to 10min 3:30+ transitions and 4:30 =8min(ish). The transitions were faster than I expected and closer, I came in under that. This however is better than telling yourself you can do it in 9, imploding and finishing in the high tens. I was not "racing" I was never panicked, I made a strategy, knew what would feel the worst and contended with that before it happened.