400m run

20min of:

10m walking lunge w/ reach

partner handstand walk

duck walk

10x air squat and holds

practice rope climb tech

box jump overs


in teams of 4

Row 2000m

25x 20ft rope climbs

3 rounds of:

20KB swings @ 72/53

15x box jump over @ 24"/20"

400m partner and KB carry



Work up to heavy snatch

2x@ 60, 80, 90, 95kg

10x1@102kg 1x@105kg

work up to heavy jerk from boxes

2x@60, 80, 100, 110kg, 120kg

4x2@ 125kg

Notes: we dropped in to CF Max Effort in Las Vegas, I always love visiting new gyms. The workout was kind of a fun tribute to D-Day in the action objective category. I admire how the coaches were able to tell a story and engage their students beyond just "lifting", as making this stuff fun makes a student come back for more. The row and rope climbs represent the journey to engagement, team work and timing pay off double here as only one person can work at a time. The 3RFT represent the "kill house" and are done by all in the team at the same time, after all finish a member is designated as "shot" and must be carried along with 2 of the heaviest Kbs (used to portray sensitive intel) for 400m. This takes on the feel of some SealFit stuff that I've read about, and although has nothing to do with my current programming, was a fun way to spend Saturday morning. It is also the first time I've got to train with Erin in a few months and it always shocks me how good the motor on that girl is, here she is holding a 1:39/500m for her portion of the 2k with nothing but a smile on her face. Seeing this reminds me of why I like training with her, it's not about being so tough and hard, or proving that you are the most fit, with the likes of constant social media updates of your workout written on a white board or the sweat angel you laid in after you "killed it". It's about enjoying the process and reaping the benefits of hard training. When we designate just how "terribly" hard our training is to get positive social feedback, we actually make it more difficult to stay consistent and less likely that we will continue down the path.  

This also marked our 2 years being married, I can't imagine my life without her. She has supported every endeavor that I've undertaken. She has been there to catch me when I failed or to celebrate with me when I've succeeded, whether I'm across the ocean or by her side she will always have my back, When all others in my life that I once thought were "family" have faded to the background, she has given me true meaning of the term. I've had the opportunity to watch supposed "strong relationships" of friends disintegrate over the years, even from those who originally raised concerns about our own. It makes you wonder about what makes it work and what makes others simply quit, I don't think it is a secret, we are not lucky, we work hard at developing our relationship like you would any skill set. In the end our relationship enhances every aspect of our lives whether it is work or play, whether we are together or apart. She is the only one I seek approval from and I'm fortunate to call her mine.