5min airdyne

3x10 walking lunge

3x10 squat

3x5 Bulgarian split squat

3x10 dislocates with band

10x strict pull up

20x push up

30 air squat


Trying to mitigate the damages

For time:


KBS @32kg

toes to bar


rest 10min


KB front rack squat @ 2x 24kg

chest to bar


rest 10min

30x bar muscles ups

25x wall balls everytime you come off the bar

10min cap

20x BMU and 100x wall balls done before I got capped.

Lunch, coffee...more coffee

45min MTB ride through Calvia


Sometimes the snatch just floats...other times it's glued.

work up to heavy snatch double

2x@ 40, 60, 70, 80, 90kg

3x1 hang snatch+ no feet snatch @90kg

3x1 pause snatch pull + negative@ 90kg

Notes: Hands tore early couldn't hang onto anything metal. Saddle sore and tired from week, time to take a break.

There isn't much to say, other than get up and get out of your comfort area. Whether that be your gym, your house or whatever. I took a last minute flight on a whim with the idea that A) Stagnation kills B) There were going to be some people with some real horsepower where I was headed and C) No matter what happened I would learn. Getting out and getting humbled can only lead to good things, being earnest and honest along the way ensures you will meet like-minded people who will only be happy to help guide you. A very heart felt thank you to the crew at CrossFit Mallorca and Michael who invited me. It was an excellent week of hard training, Rob Janis, and John were excellent hosts. If you are into good training in particularly nice areas of the globe get in touch with them.

It's one thing to have someone stand over you and criticize, it's another entirely to be backed by someone just as willing to do the work, as well as the teaching.



Myself, Rob, Michael

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