Training- Strength/ Power End.


Warm: 800m run easy

Dynamic track work

400m run

rest 2min

200m run 

rest 5min

3 rounds

cool 800m run



dynamic floor work

OG barbell complex

W2H snatch complex

snatch + OHS + hang snatch

40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100kg (miss hang)

snatch + 2x OHS + 2x hang snatch @ 90kg

snatch + 3x OHS + 3x hang snatch @ 90kg

10x rep squat snatch unbroken @ 50kg


for time:

15x wall ball

15x snatch @ 35kg

50x double under

90sec rest

5 rounds


I stole that first track piece off of Chris Henshaw's site (, but not because I liked the look of it or it specifically was what I wanted to hit today, I tried it out because I was unmotivated to come up with my own track session and second it was listed as a "VO2 max" style interval session. It didn't appear to me to be geared towards that, the periods were too short and the rest was too long, I would categorize it as speed work actually and maybe specifically anaerobic speed work. It was a good session to be sure and there is nothing wrong with misidentifying the response to a workout, what I was more interested in was whether I still had an eye for calling running workout by how they appear on paper, it turns out I do, hopefully next time I will just call it as opposed to making myself run 400s

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