5min single under

3x5 Toes to bar

3x10 Push-up

Detroit Vs. Everyone

3x15 squat

3x50 double unders

Redo French throw down Qualifier

50x double unders

40x toes to bar

New favorite lunch spot

30x snatch @35kg

20x OHS@35kg



Structural work

4x30/30 press/OH hold @ 2x10kg DB

KB bottoms up press Alt. sides

5x @ 12, 16, 20, 24kg

3x5 SOTS press@ 2x 5kg DB

3x 20m funky OH walk +2 OHS @2x16kg KB

5x strict pull ups EMOM/10min

3x10 muscle "clean" curl




row 5 min

3x20 Double unders

triple 3

3000m row 10:55 (split)

300 double unders 16:34 (split

5km run


Notes: I had already done and filmed the qualifier, but after viewing the video I felt unsure about them counting some reps from the OHS in the top position, from the angle it doesn't look like i open the hip completely, so I redid it and went faster. Always be your own harshest critic, nothing can come back to haunt you if you hold yourself to the same standard as you hold others. This is the first of 3 qualifiers, it should be interesting to see where they go, the feel so far is light and fast, which isn't my greatest strength. The residue of something like this is a forearm pump and a nasty little cough that follows you for a day.

I had no intention of competing on this job as the open left me beat up, but whats the worst that could happen? Most people fear competing, of putting themselves out there for others to judge, this shouldn't dissuade your ambition. Give a high amount of though to what you think of yourself, and pay little to what others think. 

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