Training- Power End.


5min easy air bike

Dynamic track work

shoulder rehab


60min max calories on the assault bike 10x burpee every 3min

833cal total


Short workouts don't do it for me, they are taxing sure, even painful, but the long bath of acidity is always, at least for me a better way to get inside my own head and fuck around. Music during these efforts is essential, not just any music it has to match the temperament of the effort. Coming out too strong is a sure fire way to end up in the mushroom cloud of inaccurate expectations, your music choice can either add or subtract from this effect. I have a specific genre that I like for things such as this, a mix of old hardcore and thrash metal. I don't push anything till after the halfway point, to me the 50% mark means all I have to do is maintain or match the first half of my performance, the goal of course is to beat it. This is also when the volume increases, I don't want to hear my ragged pathetic breathing, the only beat I can feel is that of the double bass. To add an aspect of difficulty, I tend to also try and calculate simple math related to the effort, can I calculate and predict where and when I will be? I find even basic fractions mind numbing at certain points near the end, which helps remind me how much of our brain is involved in the effort.

To be honest it feels more like an exorcism than exercise, as if I come out the other side renewed, or that I cut a piece of myself away that was holding me back, a silent passenger.

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