Training- Endurance


10min progressive air bike


for an avg. HR of 145bpm

ski 5km

assault bike 250cal

row 5km

1h 23seconds


3x25 sit up

3x20 push up

Notes: Its funny to think that I'm referring to an hour as "endurance" when a few years ago it wouldn't even have registered as a training day. Apart from the complete disassociation with the endurance world, what's interesting about it is that it makes clear that context matters, even given the same subject just separated by time away from a stimulus, stimulus does not happen in a vacuum, and although we don't all need super special specific programs, we do all have to have special individual thought processes about what works, what works well, and what works best to achieve a certain result. There is a difference between knowing what works and knowing what works for you.

michael blevinsComment