Training- Power End./ Strength

"Are you guys here to talk business?"

-"No, we want to enjoy this conversation."

I sat down today with an old friend, it is nearly 2-years to the day since we have sat across from each other with no agenda, in the same coffee shop, enjoying what might be the best flat white in SLC, and sharing what I consider to be some of the most heart-felt questions and expressions on life. We have been compassionate with each other, we have also been competitive, both physically and mentally, and to my regret we have also been combative and contentious towards each other.

Despite the shortcomings, this is a broth that has no recipe, no directions, there is no way you could recreate it, it is relationship soup made up haphazardly of ambition, fear, and the vulnerability to admit ones mistakes. Ironically enough, this lack of control mixes somehow almost supernaturally into what I could call the human experience, it ultimately defines the best of my existence and only took a conversation about photos to help remind me.

It should have happened sooner, I shouldn't have been so stubborn, busy, arrogant, or callous. Or not, perhaps time is one of the biggest ingredients; trees, no matter their birthright or greatness can only sway anciently because they have held on to this rock and out-waited those that lacked patience.

Circling back around, whether talking of friendships, jobs, adventures etc. gives real worth to the original investment, people want to always banish the past, but keep in mind that a story lacking a beginning is a phase, deprived of an ending to spite a start.



-strict pull up

-strict HSPU

W2H squat

3x@ 135, 185, 225, 275lbs

W2H squat again

5x@ 135, 225, 275, 305, 325lbs

3x3 ring MU


4min AMRAP

5x push up

10x air squat

12 rounds

rest 1min

4min AMRAP

5x ring dips (MU to get there)

10x ab mat situps

7 rounds


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