20min Bike

6min of:

5x muscle tempo snatch

30sec handstand hold

10x wall squats

3x strict pullup

Warm up with bar (generally speaking I just go through a number of different Oly variations and try and get the body coordinated)

10x of each: muscle snatch+ pull shrug+ panda pull+ BNP+ OHS+ 3pos snatch


5 working sets of snatch complex 1x high hang snatch + 3x OHS

1@60, 80, 90, 100, 110, 100kg


For time: (85% effort)

15x pullup

30x double unders

300m run

3 rounds: 7:04


3x15 Ring dip + Ring push up (rings out)

3x15 Lu fly @ 2x5kg plates pause at top + 15x Shrug pause at top @ 2x 32kg KBs


ride 20min bike


Recovery: 40min easy bike through city.

Notes: I was tired today, 3 cups of coffee didn't seem to make a dent. But I put my shoes on anyways, and as soon as I started moving around it all came together. Sometimes the weight just floats. Sometimes it doesn't. Learning when to grind through, and when to turn tail and get back into bed is as much of a skill as any.

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