@ CrossFit Perpetua Battersea, London

Warm up:

5min row

Mobility work: dynamic pigeon, banded tib/fib lunge

BB warm up

5x of each: Cubans, OHS, snatch balance, 3 position

work up to heavy complex: 1x snatch +1 hang snatch +1 OHS +1 snatch balance

@ 40kg, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100kg


For time:

1000m row

20x C&J@ 60kg

30x Box jump @ 24"

40 burpees (no target)


Notes: Besides the jet lag I logged about 12.6 miles of walking with a 40# pack. Getting my bearings checking out some locations led me to CrossFit perpetua. This world gets smaller by the day, on a quest to retry 15.5 last minute, I ran into a familiar face. James was just on his way out of this city, I hadn't seen him since he showed up in Salt Lake City a few years back for a seminar. He has an excellent head on him and he made it an easy decision to forgo the excruciating pain of 15.5 for a nice session with a former champ and solid coach, he still has an incredible amount fitness in him and a competitive spirit, as I watched inch pass me during the last 30 burpees. You always have to appreciate those that lead from the front.

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