Run 4.6miles progressive pace



2+2+2 press/PP/jerk

@bar,30, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, 65, 70kg

Bench press@70kg 10-1

Burpee pull-up 1-10


Work up to 80% snatch

1x@ 40,50, 60,70, 80, 85, 90, 95, 

10x1@ 100kg

Snatch balance 5x1@ 90kg

Snatch pull +negative +heaving snatch 5x1@90kg

Power snatch @ 80kg

1x EMOM/5min

1x every :30/5min

1x every :20/5min


Notes: On the surface to a new trainee this may seem like an extensive amount of work, it certainly took me the better half of the day. It is neither over-board, nor negligent but done with what I have planned in the future. It is not random, although some aspects are improvised when something just didn't "feel right", it is planned and progressive. To fit it all in, I have to give up certain things in life. The take away is that it can only get done when one puts their head down and does the work. We all get distracted, despite our claim as a majority of being "busy", we essentially waste our modern conveniences. Most of what consumes us as a people is essentially commenting with our opinion on the Internet, dissecting what others do, wondering what others think. This is a trap. Minding the trolls makes you one as well, at best it makes you a guppy. I would much rather spend my time getting better and perfecting the thing others are talking about, whether they are bashing or praising. I may be doing it wrong, I may make mistakes, But I'll eventually get it right and probably not from reading comments from a video on YouTube, but from doing, and doing  a lot. Ensure the path you are on and the people you ate with are one of choice and not circumstance.

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