Training- Power End.


3x10 hollow rock + deck squat + supine scorpion + back roll

For time:

15x cleans @ 60 kg

50 T2B

50x box jump @ 24"

15x ring muscle ups

15x S2O @ 60kg

15kg thruster @ 60kg

50x burpee

150m overhead lunge @ 20kg plate

Notes: Why is Monday ubiquitous with a fresh start, like paying tithing or attending confession? I hear quite often that people are going to "start Monday", you know- do everything right from then on, few realize that the lack of starting here and now is equal to failing on Tuesday. Dieting and training are compound problems which means they also acrue a deficit or a surplus, going twice as hard in the proverbial future to make up for present indiscretions can't cover the quadruple amount of fuck ups you expended Saturday night. Start now, not next week.

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