@W10 performance


3x10 dislocates

3x10 shoulder raise

3x10 shoulder fly

3x10 bat wings

work up to 60kg BB complex

10-1 "NOT for time"

Bent row

Power clean

Push press

Burpee pull-up


Team 10km ski (5 players)

15x1 power snatch @ 90kg

Notes: It's always fun to visit new friends, Joel Snape invited me for a friendly little training session that I was more than happy to be a part of. As a guest it's polite to let the home turf decide the training. I did this but needed to add in a little of my own stuff. About halfway through the relay I felt good enough to start adding in a single power snatch before each of my sprints. This lead to some good future ideas, that I'll be trying out pretty soon.

michael blevinsComment