20min commute ride

3x10 squat

3x10 shoulder dislocates

3x10 good morning

3x5 HSPU

work up to heavy Deadlift

1x@ 65, 115, 135, 155kg


French Throwdown WOD 2 qualifier


Deadlift@ You choose weight (i picked 342lbs/155.5kg

handstand pushup

8minute cap

score is reps x weight =18,127


lay on ice foam roll

ride bike easy 20min home


Notes:This was a brutal test of the spine, I knew once they released it that I only really had one chance at doing it, not the sort of thing you want to repeat as the trauma is immense. I chose the weight that would be challenging but I knew I could handle, I fell off the pace a bit and knew I would hit the time cap. I missed it by 2 reps, but my score should keep me in the runnings. after 53x reps at 342lbs my lower back and hamstring are fried.

There is a point where training becomes dull, whether repetition or environment, the same thing day to day ceases to illicit excitement. That can't be the end of it, we have to trick ourselves into continuing, staying on the path. Sometimes signing up for some sort of competition reignites this, sometimes not. What has always helped me is encouragement from those that recognize when something difficult was just done to the best of my ability. Recognition for effort might be the most underrated form of accomplishment. In this case it was a pat on the back, small but meaningful. For the moment it made it all worth it.

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