We were invited to a community workout at Ballast CrossFit. The theme: "DeadLifts and Donuts"


800m run


5x burpee pull up

10x banded good morning

10x SLDL@ 95lbs

banded glute walk

2min Psoas med ball stretch

2min banded distraction hamstring stretch

Work up to Heavy/Max DL

2x@ 155, 265, 345, 385, 405, 445, 475lbs (miss)

In a team of 5 complete for time:

800m run

x125 strict pull up

x150 dead lift @265lbs

x200 HSPU

x275 wall ball @ 20lbs

800m run


It's always a great experience to give up control and join in someone else's idea of training. I've known Mike for a while and have always admired his work ethic, he is constantly pushing not only the pace but the progression of training. There is a huge amount of attention put into the warm up, training weaknesses and addressing pre-hab. Although I didn't pull very well, watching his athletes hit some impressive weights was well worth the drive.

michael blevinsComment