3x10 banded shoulder raise

3x10 banded lateral raise

3x10 banded hi-pull

3x10 shoulder dislocates

Work up to heavy Front Squat

3x@ bar, 135, 185, 225lbs

1x@ 275, 295lbs

Work up to heavy Clean & Jerk

1x@ 60, 80, 90, 100, 110, 120, 120kg


3x5 snatch grip RDL @ 185lbs tempo 2-2-1

3 sets of

10x Tricep extension

:30 handtand hold

4 rounds of

:15 star plank each side

3x wall walk ups

10m farmer carry @ 2x32kg

1xTGU each side @ 24kg


accumulate 3min of L-sit hold

20min airdyne easy

Notes: Training environment is everything, it can make or break a session and/or an athlete. It's not about just having a place to "go hard" and and being continually congratulated for spewing your lunch, what I mean is a place that embraces and supports whatever the task is. They commend you for taking it easy when you know you need to, and cheer you on when you need to dig deep. A place that's worth its weight will be unafraid of telling its members the truth, harsh realities, or positive feedback when deserved.

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