Training- Power End./ Strength

The next few weeks will just be examples of programming that I am messing around with. I pull anything that I think that will be fun, hard, or stupid. I am not on any progressive cycle and don't want to be, I just want to train and have some fun in the gym. This will change soon enough but for now...


10min walk/run

5min @ 7mph

4min @ 7.3mph

3min@ 7.5mph

2min@ 7.8mph

1min@ 8.0mph

50% active rest between

Every 2 min/10min 3x power clean + 3x front squat + 3x jerk

@185, 195, 205, 215, 225lbs


5-4-3-2-1 rope climbs with 90sec rest between


For time

500m row

50x pull ups

500m row

40cal assault bike

500m row

30x front squats @ 155lbs

500m row



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