A good training partner will not only allow you to explore just how terrible a training session can be, but also help you up so that you can learn to do it again.


20min easy ride

1-10 10m shuttle EMOM/10min

5x3 strict pull ups

5x10 squat

2x10 TNG clean @ 60kg

2x10 TNG snatch @ 60kg

ALT, EMOM/60min

10x clean@ 50kg

10x pull-ups

10x 10m shuttle

10x snatch@ 50kg

10x burpee to target

1min rest


Ride easy 15min 

Notes: Some guys got wind of an EMOM I did early in the week, they were keen on trying it. I didn't want to train alone but also didn't want to repeat it without making it a bit harder. We all got what we came for. In the aftermath the overall appreciation was for how deep it affected us compared to the short fast light stuff. In a world where the 5-10min hard breather is king, its good to go long and deal with your own uncertainty. I hope I was able to help shed some light on the introduction to "longer" sessions, it certainly is just the start as an hour is well...only an hour.

QOTD: "only 59 minutes left."