20min ride

8min of:

20sec hanging hollow body

5x burpee broad jump

2x wall walk up

10x hanging kip swing


free standing HSPU work

L-sit to handstand


Team of 2 complete the following progressive circuit every 5minutes for as long as possible, partners may break up the work however they want.


600m row

10x cleans@ 50kg

10x T2B

10x Burpee onto plate


600m row

15x cleans@ 50kg

15x T2B

15x Burpee on to plate


600m row

20x cleans@ 50kg

20x T2B

20x Burpee onto plate

so on and so fourth....

My teammate and myself made it in to the round of 40x reps and got through 33x T2B


ride 20min easy

Notes: Partner workouts in the gym are usually about suffering for someone else, or working harder because the pressure of peers, we use these as teaching examples and corollary for life. This session was a bit different, although those aspects are still present. It is more important to communicate clearly, above all else, you can't out work your inability to inform you partner of what they need to do or what it is you are going to accomplish, Without proper, clear attentive communication a team breaks down, no matter how hard one, both or all are working. No matter how special, elite, qualified, certified an individual or team is, the lack of the most basic human ability will unravel it quickly. 

Unfortunately in this business it is far more important to be recognized as the individual responsible for accomplishment. A team held up by narcissism and driven by ego is short lived, and ultimately doomed to fail. Those that are able to make ultimate sacrifices for the benefit of others are the only ones I'm interested in training, learning, teaching and befriending.