3x12 Cable rotator cuff pull 2 positions

3x12 Lateral delt raise

Work up to heavy heavy bench

6x@ 60, 80, 90

3x6 tempo CG bench @100kg

3x15 seated Cable row @ 70kg

3x6 BB shrug w/ pause @ 120kg

3x12 Lat pull down @ 90kg

3x10 incline Db bench press @ 2x 40kg

3x15 DB shrug @ 2x40kg

10x GHD situps EMOM/5min

Notes:  When we have deadlines and goals, training can become mundane, unenlightening. Sometimes we need to reset, reassert our outlook and focus on what it is we really desire. One way that is useful is to take a day and not train according to plan, to remember why we do this in the first place. For me, getting back to some good old bro-sessions always helps. The goal during this is to enjoy getting the reps in and care more about the conversation than the weight on a bar. The gym is what you make it, its purpose is utilitarian, it can help beat you down or it can be a place of self-construction. Make of it what you will.