Training- Power End.


5min Air bike

treadmill ramp test

start @ 65% MHR increase speed .1 MPH EMOM until you hit 80%MHR

started at 6.5mph pulled the plug @ 8.0mph


CF mainsite

for time:

90 double under

9x muscle up

9x DB clusters @ 2x 65lbs

80x double under

8x muscle up

8x cluster

70x double under

7x muscle up

7x cluster

Notes: A few have asked for more detail concerning efficiency most likely because I mentioned it in a post a few days ago. This protocol is from Lydiard and Maffetone, who used it to determine when someone is ready for intensity. The ramp test that I did today was to double check my test and also look for abnormalities on the way up. Although it is very straight forward with something like running or cycling in which these tests are most popular, you could literally do it with any task, moving a barbell, moving your body, even something arbitrary like moving an object a predetermined distance like a sandbag shuttle. The point is that it is just a work/effort cross section to see where you are most efficient, because as at some point the cost of going harder will eventually reduce the investment in energy (inefficient if you can't predetermine a pace).

The ramp that I used was to start getting an idea of where I'm falling off, so far from what I've tested there is no point that is totally out of line ( I suspect there is around 90% though) I drew an example of what that might look like if someone did have abnormalities(in pen). my current numbers are the highlighted portions, there is no need to peak running for quite some time at least until I deem efficiency has plateaued, which for me I'm hoping for 8.5-9mph @ 75%MHR before I start dedicated speed work to peak for somewhere around a 20-25min effort. The required time effort is important because it changes what kinds of efficiencies are important (a mile is different than the requirements of a 5km, at least muscularly and top end ability) therefore the distance and adaptation are adjusted.

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