15min Bike ride commute

5min Foam roll (back still tight)

3x5 Bulgarian split squat

3x10 air squat

Work up to heavy(ish) back squat

10x @ bar, 60, 80, 100

3x10@ 114kg



5x weighted Burpee @ 2x10kg DB


15min bike ride 

Notes: This preparation period for a strength cycle is without any assistance gear. I'm not against using it, but it has its time, place and context. Like all things, overuse of tools can make us one, in other words only useful in one context. In a few more weeks the real work begins, as one might notice the loads are somewhat low. one of the most over looked aspects of progressive strength is jumping in too deep. I made this mistake many times, feeling like I was stronger than what a program dictated or an individual workout, well I was till eventually I wasn't, when the weight escalated it did so without my ability. 

Strength does not care that you "work hard", it doesn't "like" your posts, it won't retweet your pic of the epic recovery burger you post after "murdering" a 10x10 session. What it does care about is proper signal and consistent overload with recovery cycles. Respect the rules and then at points you may break them.

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