20min ride

5min not for time

5x toes to bar (strict)

10x straddle lunge

5x inch worm

Bar warm up

3 position snatch @ bar 24 reps

work up to heavy TNG power snatch

3x@ 40, 60, 80, 90, 95, 100kg


20min EMOM

2x TNG power snatch @90kg

3x burpees


10min EMOM power clean + front squat @ 100kg

Ride 20min easy



20min ride

4x Leg less rope climbs

45 sec L-sit

2x20m hand walk

Work up to heavy jerk from blocks

2x@ 50, 80, 90, 100, 120kg

1x@ 125, 130, 135kg


For rime:

100x double under 


40x HSPU

30x pull-ups

20x S2O @ 85kg



ride 20min easy

Notes: People sometimes remark how some of the days that you don't feel the best turn out to be some of the better performing days. Today was like that for me, groggy, unmotivated, under caffeinated. But the weight started to float and it changed my perception of what I thought possible. A "just put my shoes on" kind of day ended up being a double up on training and hit new PR's kind of day. You can never tell unless you show up no matter what ready to work.

The race took its toll on all of us, 85kg feels like a 200kg at the end of a race, no matter your condition you must contend with getting a task done. There is a lot being said in the fitness community about lifting under fatigue, especially with the high rep Olympic variants. I would agree that this is not for everyone all the time, but I would argue that it is for everyone eventually, that is to say if they keep progressing their training. At some point the stressors need to change, complexity has its role in our development if we so desire, the mistake becomes applying stress in inappropriate amounts and too soon, before a proper foundation can be laid. Some practitioners are just as guilty as never progressing a stimulus, only using movements that are deemed "safe" because one is unwilling to learn, so that later he may be able to teach. Yank on a C2 machine all you want eventually you are no different than the "chest & tri's on Monday, back & bi's on Tuesday" crowd.