Training- Power End.

All of these struggles we depict are fictitious, we contrive a scenario in which we "battle" with an inanimate object (barbell), then only proceed to congratulate ourselves on our victories. In reality the majority of us fail day after day in trying to become better, ignoring the grand lessons even when we create the drama ourselves. We mask the damage to our ego like some governments would cover collateral damage in a South American conflict of the early 90's. If training is not a daily "truth and reconciliation" exercise, then I promise the battle won't be worth it. Stand in front of your struggle - no matter how contrived, and learn.


10min walk 15% @ 3mph

Dynamic floor work

10 rounds NFT

20cal airbike

40m walking lunge

W2H x5 press

5x@ 95, 125, 145#


15min AMRAP

3x squat clean @ 185#

9x bar facing burpee

15x pullups

7 rounds even

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