20min ride

work up to heavy Front squat

3x@ 60, 80, 100, 110, 120kg

Work up to heavy power clean

2x@ 60, 80, 90, 100, 110kg

5x weighted burpee @ 2x10kg DB EMOM/10min


ride 20min



20min ride

3x10 squat

3x10m lunge


3x bottoms up TGU@16kg

10x atomic sit-up

10x kipping swing

8x ring dip


3x20 front rack lunge (each leg) @ 40kg

+3x5 wall walk up

rest 90sec between sets


Max reps(race pace) in 60 sec of:

-Hang Power clean@60kg 30, 32

-12m shuttle run 19, 17

-row for calories 29, 33

Rest 60 sec between 2 rounds through
total reps: 160 (26rep/min)


walk 5km

Notes: It is increasingly more important to know your pacing and your ability, today was an example of both. The morning session didn't go to well, Nothing ever clicked after 90+ min of attempting to. So I called the session and retreated. After a nap and some easy stuff, I felt like trying again, this time it came back. The described workout is NOT "all-out" it is a controlled effort. State your intent before picking up the barbell or starting the row, control the outcome. If you fall off the pace or miscalculate, find a way to make it up.