March 15, 2015

Warm up:

Airdyne 10min

10-20-30-40-50 double unders

3x10 power snatch @135

3x5 OH lunge @135


21min EMOM

1st min: 30x DU +6x push-press @155

2nd min: 10x burpee box jump overs @24"

3rd min: 3x power snatch + 6x Alt. OH lunge @155

Notes: I've miscalculated training before, often actually. This was one of those times where your eyes are bigger than your stomach. It is also useful sometimes to get in over your head, we get so used to accomplishing with proper training, as most of it should entice you to reach just ever so slightly, In this case though, after about 2min in it becomes really apparent that you won't make it, or at least that I wouldn't. What then? do you stop, scale, double the time, or just plow through send the signal that you are not good enough?

michael blevinsComment