Monday, March 16, 2015

Warm up 5min Ski-erg

10min Airdyne

5x10 Wall ball @ 20#

5x25 double under

5x3 muscle up


15.3 (repeat)

 14min AMRAP 7x ring MU 50x wallball 100x double unders


Notes: Although my pacing was way better The stumbling on the first 2 rounds of double unders gave me no hope at bettering my score.

Work up to heavy snatch

5x@60kg, 5x@70, 5x@80, 5x@85, 5x@90, 5x@100

Back squat

5x@70kg, 5x@120, 3x@133, 1x@153, 3x@143, 5x@133

2+2+2+2 10sec rest

close grip bench press@205

rest 1min

weighted pullup @25#

4 rounds

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