March 17, 2015

Warm up:

5x Strict pull-up

10x push -up

15x squat

3 rounds

5min ski-erg

work up to heavy C&J

5x@135, 5x@165, 3x@185, 2x@215, 3x5@225 clean


Progressive knee jump for height

3x@4", 3x@6", 3x@8", 3x@10" 3x3@14"

straight leg box jump

3x@24", 3x@26", 3x@28" 5x3@30"


15 calorie row

15x box jump over@24"

3 rounds for times rest 2min between

:58, :56, :54


With a running clock and starting with an empty bar

EMOM +10# each min

snatch till failure 265# (miss275)

then clean till failure 275 (miss285)

then Dead lift till failure 425

michael blevinsComment