Work up to heavy C&J complex

2x@ 1x power clean and push press + hang clean and push jerk + hang clean and split jerk

75, 105, 135, 165, 195

10-8-6-4-2 power snatch ladder

@ 75, 105, 135, 165, 195


60min air bike @ >90 pace

E3MOM 10x burpee

600 calories + 200 burpee

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Training- Recovery-ish


shoulder mobility drills

Bench press

1x10@ 135

3x5 @ 185, 205, 225

1x3 @ 245

1x2 @ 255


3x10 plank pull

5x30/30 explosive step up

5x30/30 mountian climber

5x30/30 burpee


10min easy bike

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Training- Strength


5min progressive bike

dynamic lunge work

Work up to heavy front/back squat

2/4 @ 95, 145, 195lbs


Fornt Squat/ Back squat strip sets

2/4 @ 245

3/6 @ 195

4/8 @ 145

4 rounds rest while partner goes


 9-6-3 ball over shoulder


3 rounds

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Training- Power End.


bar complex

EMOM till technical failure + 10lbs every min

Pwr snatch + hang snatch up to 215lbs

EMOM till technical failure + 10lbs every min

Pwr clean + push jerk + front squat + split jerk up to 225lbs


Bench press





20min time cap

20-2 goblet squat

10-1 bench press @ 165

max pull ups with remaining time


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Training- Base Building

"Building base" is a well understood term in most endurance sports. It acknowledges some fundamental aspects of periodization, and has a clear place in the season respective of the sport. It is also something that I see a lot of people having a problem understanding when it comes to applying the same principles to the sport of CrossFit.

This session was part of my recent program that has more to do with healing injuries, and also resetting motivation than it does with any specific goal. My take on most GPP programs is that you need to wax and wane according to motivation. Right now, seeing as there is nothing on the calendar, I tend to just do whatever appeals, which can get fairly reckless if you are in a. gym that has a proper work ethic. Intensity for no reason (catharsis is a reason) only minimizes potential. Without a proper goal there is nothing to measure the efforts by, or even more importantly: something to measure progression by. So, for me, whenever I lack the insight I make a concerted effort to work on skills, weaknesses, and yes, I participate in "building base", which is to say: I go slow, I build volume, I try and make all of the movements that I do more efficient, which doesn't happen at high speeds.

I set these sessions up typically by aiming for 90-minutes. but the goal isn't just to make it to the 90 mark, its to do the movements effortlessly. If at any time the movements start to push me into the "too hard" realm, I pull the plug and walk away, next time aiming to extend the session by 5-10 minutes longer. This is a completely different feeling than the task accomplishment mentality that follows most CF programs, whereby everyone is a tough guy unless they are a quitter. But the basis for most training is under the premise that you want the bare minimum stimulus for adaptation. This is for obvious reasons – if you aren't following then here is an example: If you could get a strength response from back squatting 80% x5x5, what would the purpose in doing 80% x10x10? If you got the response from half the volume why continue, why limit the potential for an added training session by going deeper? Most of it has to do with ego.

Unlike most strength and power training, there are very good indicators that the cardiovascular system has been well affected. One of these is known as "cardiac drift", it is the moment that an easy effort at a given speed takes just a little bit more effort, at which point the effort is stopped.

This session is a take on that and applied to the gym world, it isn't directly the same thing as building efficiency in a mono structural movement, but it is as close as I can come to the same feeling.


10min easy bike

dynamic floor work


EMOM till efficiency failure

10x of each (unless stated otherwise):

-cals assault bike

-40x DU

-DB snatch @ 50lbs

-DB clean @ 2x50lbs

-pull ups


-Bulgarian split squat (10 each leg)

-GHD sit up



I made it 61min before I felt that the intensity was too high to be useful. I like a mix of movements, some taking a little more effort and others being a bit easier, this enables me to sense recovery between, but if you've never done this before try and make each station last about 20-30 seconds of 80% effort. I will try and push a similar session 10-15minutes longer in the next attempt until I can hit 90, at which point I will just vary the movements and then start to add reps and take away time. This is what we call "pushing out the walls" in order to make room for intensity.

heads up: the movements should be mostly aerobic, doing anything in the realm of CP or ATP is not the same thing, it isn't wrong it is just a different stimulus.

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Training- Strength


bar warm uip:

10x of each:

3 position power snatch

3 position power with ride out

3 position full snatch

EMOM to heavy complex

1x power clean + 1x front squat + 1x push jerk + 1x front squat + 1x split jerk + 1x front squat


1x20 OHS @ 115

1x20 front squat @ 135

1x20 back squat @ 145

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I haven't posted training in a bit, not for lack of any training but I had nothing different or interesting to post. I did record a block of training that I used to prepare for the last competition that i did. I stopped recording once I got injured, which would also lead to some interesting posts but for now I want to post how I prefaced the training block which was 8-weeks. I wanted to use a battery test to clean up weaknesses, so I came up with a "flip flop" test in which to see just this. The other tests that I used were mostly based around fatigued maximum power/strength, which is a fairly interesting topic. But for now I'll just describe my battery test.

This is a 30-min AMRAP broken into 3 sections. I'm looking for consistency between systems of moving light to medium/hevay loads. Once tested and recorded I retake the test, but backwards to see if there are glaring holes in the CP system. Without further  delay, I give you the CP battery test:

30min AMRAP

3-6-9-12-15 etc..

-monostructural movement recorded in "calories" as reps this time I used Assault bike

-weighted movement that can be loaded and unloded easily (distance must be taken into account) I used a ball over shoulder

0-5min player will climb up the rep ladder as far as possible using the heaviest load 75-80% (I used a 150lb D-ball)

5-15min player will continue up the rep ladder but deload to the lower weight 65-70% (I used a 100lb D-ball)

15-30min Player will continue up the ladder but using the lightest weight 50-60% (I used a 80lb D-ball)

You should at the end be able to graph a chart of reps per minute, and note any inconsistency in the system. Take the total accumulated reps and divide by 30, this is your average score. Now take each section of differeing weights and divide by the total number in that section with the time alloted, given the time period, the difference should not be too drastic.

This for me usually highlights the fact that I need to cycle lighter weights more frequently, not that I need to be better at moving heavier weight (although I proabbly nbeed that too). Give it a try and then flip flop the test loading lightly for the first 15min and ending with a heavy 5min, if the numbers don't add up you ahve a pretty good idea of what is weak.

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Training - Strength/ Power End.


10min easy bike

30m bear crawl

30m lunge


For time:

3 rounds for time

12x front rack lunge @ 95

6x Front squat

3x push press


rest 2min

For time

cash in: 400m run


KB swing @ 53#


rest 2min

3 rounds for time

100m run

12x deadlift @ 95#

6x bar over burpee

3x OHS

18:17 total time


W2H snatch

2x3 @ 70kg

2x3 @ 80kg

4x3 @ 86kg


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Training- Power End./ Strength


10min easy airbike

dynamic track warm up

W2H 6RM front squat

6x @ 135, 185, 235, 245, 260lbs, 235-drop set


1km row for time 3:14

rest 3min

30x HSPU for time 1:07

rest 2min

40x pull ups for time 1:26

rest 1min

200m sprint :41


15-1 NFT

Plank pull on rings

push up on rings

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